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To receive an email when a new article is posted, comment on a blog or participate in the forum, simply click the new member "Sign Up" button to the right, and join the Bruxism Support Network community.  There's no cost, commitment(s) or requirements other than to be kind when you comment.  If you're just wanting to communicate with our staff, you can use the form below.

How to Communicate Directly with Us

To reach someone with Bruxism Support Network regarding our organization, a problem with the website or services, your interest in publishing or advertising on, your desire to moderate or help out in anyway, including donations, kindly fill in the contact form fields to the right or below with your message or inquiry and submit it to us.  We are a volunteer organization and as such we will do our best to promptly reply.   Note that in the future we may share information about updates, upcoming clinical trials you may be interested, etc.  You will always be able to unsubscribe if you like, so feel free to reach out anytime.

Thanks for reaching out!

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