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Bruxism Support Network - About Us — United in Our Quest to Conquer Bruxism

Who We Are

Welcome to — a haven and community committed to aiding those grappling with Bruxism. This is a platform where we exchange experiences, provide resources, and cultivate a supportive network for anyone contending with this challenging condition.

Our Reason for Being

The birth of our organization was sparked by our founder, a long-time bruxism patient, who observed the lack of a nurturing community that shares experiences, counsel, and resources for handling bruxism. He realized that although bruxism is a widespread condition, most individuals lack the knowledge to manage it effectively, consequently leading to avoidable physical pain and emotional turmoil. This realization motivated him to establish

Our Mission

We firmly believe in the power that lies in sharing experiences. In that light, we have established a forum for people to relay their personal journeys, hurdles, and victories associated with bruxism. We offer current resources and professional expertise, with the goal of aiding your comprehension of the condition, its manifestations, and the possible treatments available to manage the symptoms today.

A Glimpse of Our Journey

Our founder's journey with bruxism began during a routine dental examination when his dentist identified him as a classic 'clencher.' This instigated a voyage of inquiry and experimentation, culminating in the establishment of this platform. From that moment on, we have been imparting our experiences, knowledge, and tools, delivering relief and backing to those struggling with bruxism.

Our Pledge to You

We comprehend the isolating and challenging nature of living with bruxism. That is why we have crafted this safe and supportive environment. We are committed to sharing pertinent and up-to-date information and nurturing a sense of community among those battling bruxism.

Join Our Endeavor

Become part of our community today.  Convey your journey, engage in dialogues, and bond with others who comprehend the struggles you are experiencing. Collectively, we can bolster each other, enhance awareness, and aim for a future devoid of bruxism.

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